We will work with you as we help you make decisions about color, size and whether your clothes are still a current style. Because after all, we want to look our best!


Kitchen and Pantries need continual arranging and updating. As the sizes of our family change, our needs habits and use of the kitchen change.

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Time to assess what you still need in the garage and make room for the car. We will help you find space for your holiday decor or tools and outdoor toys.

Staging Furniture

Before your photographer comes to take pictures for the realtor, let us help you get your home to look it's best! Competition is huge in the real estate world.

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Kids Rooms

Are toys out of hand? We will be the neutral person to help you gain control of your child's room or toy room.


We will work with you OR your child to be the motivational cheerleader to get the room in order and easier to manage.

What our customers are saying

Beth Voss came over and spent hours with me yesterday. My house has such a better flow, and I have a better vision for moving forward.

 I would recommend Beth Voss to anyone who needs a little or a lot of help seeing things outside the typical organization, or NOT organizational box! I'm looking forward to our next "play" session!

M. Christine Wildman